Devastator video shot at the grassy knoll (Dealey Plaza – Downtown Dallas) x South Dallas MLK blvd. x South Dallas Malcolm X blvd. x Nawf Side – Screwston – Acrez Homez

Lo-Ki – Devastator vid featured on

H-Town Down video shot in 44 Acrez Homez x 08 StudeWood – tat by: Junior @Dago’s tattoo shop
Peace to Lo-Ki’s Big Bro, Lucky. We started the vid shoot on His Born Day

History of Lo-Ki:
From the NorthSide, 44 Acres Homes x 8 StudeWood, Houston, Texas, Lo-Ki is owner of 4ThaLuvRecordz, Artist, Sound Engineer and Pianist. Lo-Ki’s Father, Richard Brown, was Manager of Houston Artist/Producer/Sound Engineer “Cory Mo”, as well as F.L.A.J., who later on Brown began to co-manage with Andretta Tillman (Destiny’s Child’s Manager who passed on in 1997). F.L.A.J. is most well known for the Geto Boys (single) – the World is a Ghetto ft. Flaj (they later became known as Smok).

Lo-Ki was raised around music All His Life and raised to be a musician by both of His Parents who also were musicians. Lo-Ki started officially writing songs around the age of 17, Influenced by Soul music and Hip-Hop primarily Lo-Ki as a part of 4ThaLuvCipher/4ThaLuvRecordz is apart of the current energy to re-introduce the World back to Hip-Hop from the Soul streaming from Texas where Hip-Hop Legends like Pimp C Spirit Lives On and moves Us to bring You to Our Sound. Luv it, mayne.

4ThaLuvLogo™ - tat work by My cousin, artist Reggie Jesse @Adorn Studios

4ThaLuvLogo™ – tat work by Lo-Ki’s cousin, artist Reggie Jesse @Adorn Studios

(Far Right) Lo-Ki’s Ol’ Dad – Dickie Sr. of the Finishing Touch out of San Antonio, Tejas